office DESIGN + new BIZ center

I just completed this office design.  My client had this wonderful 17 sq’ space behind the large boardroom that was not being utilized.


My concept was to turn the space in to a business center, for either smaller meetings removed from the open desk area or that could happen while the board room was in use.

biz center

Paint, new furniture, lighting and artwork.

before office

Before.  A great space not utilized.


The other part of my concept is to provide desks to the visitors that often stop by my client’s office.

visitor desks

I selectively carried the company’s logo colour onto one wall here and one in the board room, as well as icons were included from their website.




The central photo copier area is beside the main boardroom and required a freshen.  My client had these words etched into the boardroom glass and I suggested we wrap them onto this wall.



new desk chairs

My other big suggestion for the other area of the office was a few pieces of artwork as well as new office chairs for everyone, with the pale grey mesh backs, orange seats and chrome, to subtly carry the colours through the office… super ergonomic, hope they love them.

This was a great project, my client was awesome and I enjoyed doing it for him.

My name is Sue Womersley and I am an Interior Decorator in White Rock, BC. and I enjoy sharing my adventures in decorating with you.

All photos Sue Womersley.






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