photo sue womersley

STING rocked the QUEEN E

photo sue womersley

I was very excited last night to see Sting when he was in Vancouver.

photo sue womersley

I was lucky enough to see the Police reunion tour in 2007.  I was in Grade 8 when Every Breath you take was the top song… amazing how music can transport you back in time. (and I just dated myself!)

photo sue womersley

Sting just celebrated his 60th birthday recently and put on a fantastic show.

photo sue womersley

This is the lobby of the Queen Elizabeth theatre.

photo sue womersley

Officially opened in July 1959, attended by Queen Elizabeth herself.  The theatre is an intimate venue holding 2,700 guests.

photo sue womersley

View from the second floor outside balcony of the Queen Elizabeth theatre overlooking the Christmas Craft Market and carousel.

photo sue womersley

We went home by the light of the moon – there was a lunar eclipse at 6 am (apparently – I did not see it – not a morning girl!)







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