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SIGHTLINES – what can you see?


Traditional Home Photo

It is important to consider the line-of-sight from one room to the next. How does a doorway frame a room, as above?  What do you see?  How can you enhance it?  This darker room in the foreground frames and emphasizes the next room and relates to it in colour and context.

House Beautiful

The view from one room to the next – how do they open to each other?  Do they relate to each other?  The thread that links these different spaces is the flooring and the blue found on the foreground chairs, the mid room chair and in the farthest room on the walls.

House Beautiful

The view from this entrance through the adjoining sitting room is directed straight to the cabinet with the plants on top.  This cabinet is centered on both door frames and is the all important focal point to lead your eye.  This creates a beautiful sightline.  Imagine if this vignette was not there…

House Beautiful

It is pleasing to the eye to have resting places such as this table.  This hall/room could be left empty, but this vintage table and light fixture add layers to the space before arriving in the dining room.

House Beautiful image

These distinctly different spaces that are open to each other, relate to each other – the light fixtures are in the same metal and complement each other, the cushion on the sofa is the colour of the wall in the dining and garden stools flanking the entrance  and the wood in the dining room is the same as the wood table behind the sofa.  Unique spaces with the common thread linking them … something I mentioned in this post here…

House Beautiful photo

The thread running through these two rooms is that lovely gold colour.  If that golden yellow was not in the settee, picture frame and drapes, the two rooms really do not relate without it, and the sightline would not be as pleasing.

photo credits 1) Traditional Home 2 thru 6) House Beautiful

My name is Sue Womersley and I love decorating.  I am an Interior Decorator located in Vancouver BC.

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