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The Haunted Mansion was opened in New Orleans Square, Disneyland in 1971 and is one of the most popular attractions in the park.  There is also a version in Tokyo Disney and Disney Paris and has inpired a movie.

What could be more fun than Halloween in Disneyland?  the Main Entrance gate at night.

The Haunted Mansion was fully decorated for the occasion… with the usual line up.

Halloween is here — and Christmas is around the corner — I might have to rent the Nightmare before Christmas now.

Coach is ready to rock and roll.

The White House ready for Halloween…

The side garden of the Haunted Mansion

No corner left undecorated…

Original Black wreath with skull and matching black garland.

In the entrance hall of the Haunted Mansion… in the dark … hang on!   No Spoilers!

Inside the Haunted Mansion – fully decorated of course!!!

My sister enjoying her 40th birthday in Disneyland.  Main Street, with the Castle in the distance.

Watch out for Wicked Witches … or even Evil Queens…

BOO!!!  Happy Halloween!!!

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