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beauty of FALL

Happy Fall!  Crisp sunny days.  Leaves blowing in the wind.  Colourful trees. Misty mornings.

photo Martha Stewart Living


I have always wanted to be on the East Coast to experience fall.  I found these photos of the Hudson Valley, which will have to be enough for me this year


photo Martha Stewart Living


This photo is a great colour inspiration if you like rich golds and reds.


photo  Martha Stewart Living


I was in the garden starting my fall cleanup on the weekend – not ready to start up the leaf vacuum yet tho’.


photo Martha Stewart Living


I love bringing the outdoors in – and the simplicity of the branch of  leaves and three pumpkins for seasonal decor.


photo Martha Stewart Living


An assortment of large gourds in different shapes and colours and a big pottery bowl of grape is a perfect display of abundance for harvest.


All photos Martha Stewart Living








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