WREATHS – not just for your front door

Hello!  I have not visited everyone for a while — I appreciate you stopping by while I have been away!  Sold a house a few months ago, was a happy wanderer for a while, just got the keys to a cute new home last week and have gone into full reno mode… promise I will share some photos of my road trips around the ever so beautiful West Coast, Palm Springs and the renos in the near future.  We had snow here today and I am wishing my house were ready for the holiday decorating I love.

WREATHS– A fantastic, unique wreath – I have never seen anything quite like it before with the copperribbon, hydrangea, lights and black ornaments all loosely arranged with twigs on a grapevine style wreath.  Leaning casually on top of a sideboard, slightly off center next to the champagne — inspired!

Seeded eucalyptus, scotch pine and various sizes of silver ornaments neatly arranged with a cluster of large balls at top that slowly sprinkle to smaller ones around to the bottom.  Hung on the wall above a mantle, this silvery green wreath compliments a collection of mercury glass.

Pinecones, greens and accents of gold pointsetta, reindeer and snowflakes on this pretty wreath, hung simply on the bottom post of the stairwell.  An easy answer to decorating the stairwell without the beautiful-but-labour-intensive garland – and very whimsical.

My name is Sue Womersley and I am an interior decorator who would love to help you make your home shine in 2011!

Photos – living etc.






2 responses to “WREATHS – not just for your front door”

  1. Lynne Woods Avatar

    Glad to see you’re back in action!

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