3 Great ways to incorporate turquoise in your life

  • Pair Turquoise with colours of equal intensity and clarity ~ as in the vintage pillow with the solid textured pillow above
  • Use Turquoise in a monochromatic room ranging light to dark versions of the same colour ~ as in the bedroom below
  • Turquoise as an accent is an excellent hit of colour for a neutral palette ~ as in the throw, cushion and vases in the living room two below .

Turquoise, robin’s egg and aqua (light turquoise) room by Jamie Drake.

Perfect neutral colours of Linen, Sand and Bark given extra personality from the subtle turquoise accents.

Turquoise with navy and white is a crisp colour combination that unifies this assortment of plates.

Softer Turquoise glazed pottery next to the soft amethyst coloured sofa – and a touch of darkest teal in the cushion.

Turquoise mosaic tile with cobalt in the bathroom. (Italian glass mosaic tile Bisazza Mosaico)

Turquoise shag, dark purple velvet and bright green.

Teal (dark turquoise – with more blue than green) and red

Turquoise and green

Tiffany Blue Wallpaper and dining chairs in a dining room designed by Sarah Richardson.

A more muted version of Turquoise in the chair and a paler, greener version on the graphic wallpaper.

Turquoise and navy blue ~ with small accents of bright green, pink and orange.  Same rug as above.

Turquoise, fuchsia, teal, purple and green. Equal intensity and depth of colour is key.

Brilliant turquoise accents partner well with the brilliant orange sofa ~ the carpet pulls all of the colour together.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2010.  Pantone is the colour industry leader and authority on setting standards for accurate colour matching and communication since 1963.


Traditional Meets Mid Century Brilliantly

Thrill of the Hunt ~ Collectibles & Antiques

all photos Living Etc., except Sarah Richardson Design, Elle Decor Jamie Drake






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