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inspiration ~ MAD MEN

Mad Men is a must see critically acclaimed series.  Mad Men is a wicked combination of sharp writing and a talented cast with fantastic costumes and set design.  Already finished its third season, the early 60’s period drama has had its influence on fashion and decorating.  Of its many awards,  Mad Men has won 3 Golden Globes for Best Dramatic Series on Television.  If you aren’t watching yet – grab the first two seasons of dvds (with great behind-the-scenes bonuses).

Mad Men is was the short term for “Madison Avenue” Men – a reference to the Advertising Companies location in New York.  Man Men is fun to watch for all of the 60’s pop culture references discussed during the ad biz meetings.

Mad Men office

Mad Men is very strict and true to the period — the walnut paneling, teak furniture and long and low sofa is classic mid century (as is the smoking and drinking at the office!)

Don Draper at his desk

Mad Mens Production Designer Dan Bishop has won three awards for Art Direction.  Dan Bishop also worked on another amazing 60’s period piece, the movie ‘A Single Man’, directed by designer Tom Ford, and starring Colin Firth.

Mad Men

Betty Draper and Eames.  The creator of Mad Men, Mathew Weiner, and much of the crew, were part of the Sopranos team.

Mad Men

This is the Mad Men cast in a contemporary version of their character’s style.  The following contemporary interiors have a Mad Men-esque vibe to them and give inspiration to incorporating 60’s style in your home —

Loft Style Mad Men vibe

Lots of teak and clean lines in this loft.

Mad Men Den

Wood paneling, a classic leather sofa and chrome based coffee table create the feeling here.

Mad Men-esque

Walnut walls, muted greens and browns and the shape of the chairs give this room a 60’s flavour.

Mad MenMad Men is on AMC.  AMC is now in Canada and hopefully we will see Season 3 soon.  (Season 3 on dvd in March).

For more information go to the AMC website by clicking on the logo.  All Mad Men photos courtesy of AMC.

All other photos Living Etc.   FOR FUN Play with “Mad Men Yourself” Avatar Maker…Mad Men Avatar


  1. I really like the look of Mad Men. The office sets have a strong style, and the walnut and teak work really well. I’ve always wondered what the painting is on the wall behind Rodger (above) – can you help?

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