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  • Sicilian Aristocratic Villa Garden

    Sicilian Aristocratic Villa Garden

    This beautiful Villa and garden have been in the San Guiliano family for over 800 years. The estate includes the chapel, below, a South American inspired garden from a stay in Brazil, and groves of citrus and olives. I liked this section of blue, great shape and texture. Head gardener Rachel Lamb was kind to…

  • Taormina, Sicily + Mt. Etna

    Taormina, Sicily + Mt. Etna

    How thrilling to be standing in a Greek Theater from the third century B.C., overlooking Mt. Etna and the Ionian Sea and Taromina. Aside from the spectacular views, the Teatro Greco is still used for events to this day, crews were setting up stages around ruins while I was there. Taormina is a pretty historic…