Tag: Colour

  • add a shot of RED

    Vibrant and Bold — a little RED can go a long way when you want to inject a little VaVoom into your space. Happy Canada Day to all!!! Glossy and Graphic red containers on the patio. Layers¬† of Gray are perfectly paired with red accent cushions and console. Modern, Industrial and Eclectic is a wonderful…

  • SILVER & GOLD ~ mixing metals

    The mix of sheens and textures is phenomenal — layers and layers of silvers, grays, oysters, ivories and gold. A balance of reflective, matte and texture has been achieved. A great example of mixing texture, colour, shape and era to create a warm, harmonious and interesting space.

  • Shades of French Gray

    Shades of French Gray

    Shades of gray are timeless… classic.¬† In this magnificent Palais built by Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild from 1905 to 1912, several rooms are painted in varying shades of gray, and while our homes may not be this grand, we certainly could take colour inspiration home with us 100 years later. It is not often that…

  • Design Muse Tricia Guild

    British Designer Tricia Guild, Owner of Fabric and Wallpaper Company Designer’s Guild with her brother, ~ is the master of vibrant colour, amazing, vivid colour combination and bold pattern. Established in 1970, their philosophy is to combine creativity and innovation with quality of design, product and service. Known world wide for sophisticated, elegant, rich jacquards,…