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  • design concept

    design concept

    when there are literally 1000s of options in product …. having a design concept

  • Favourite Joburg shop – the Private House

    Favourite Joburg shop – the Private House

    The Private House Co. In Design Quarter was my favourite home decor stop. Beautifully laid out and displayed, it almost looked as tho you could move in. An emphasis on natural materials and local elements. Gracious proportions, I liked the casually elegant feel. Even if you were not looking for furniture, I loved the way…

  • Beechwood Gardens, Johannesburg, South Africa

    Beechwood Gardens, Johannesburg, South Africa

    Beechwood Gardens in Johannesburg, South Africa opened to the public for a charity fundraiser by Gardens of the Golden City. A gorgeous home and 3.4 acre garden originally designed and built in the 1940s.

  • winged VICTORY of samorace

    winged VICTORY of samorace

    Marble sculpture of the Greek Goddess Nike from the second century BC. My pick to see in the Louvre. There were three of us and we only had a couple of hours, so I suggested we all select one thing each and in our search for each item we wandered through different areas. I love…

  • late September in Vandusen Gardens

    late September in Vandusen Gardens

    It was a perfect Sunday afternoon to enjoy Van Dusen Gardens with friends.  I lucked out with some beautiful photos today that I wish to share with you. this just may be my new favourite photo that I have taken, ever. chocolate cosmos Perfect timing, this bee landed just as I was shooting the flower……

  • Wickaninnish Inn

    Wickaninnish Inn

    Tofino and Ucluelet BC are a little piece of paradise, and I love to visit as often as I am able.  The internationally renowned and award winning Wickaninnish Inn is a worthwhile stop on your visit. This large carved sun mask greets you as you approach.  The lite glass is a unique feature on the…

  • home in a converted 1600s barn

    home in a converted 1600s barn

    I was fortunate see inside a very unique barn space that I am excited to share with you.  This amazing living space is created with a 1640s barn structure from Portsmouth, England.  The owners re-erected it here in Vancouver and built their home around it.  The room is decorated with antiques -beautifully mixing rustic with fine art and warmed…

  • Sicilian Aristocratic Villa Garden

    Sicilian Aristocratic Villa Garden

    This beautiful Villa and garden have been in the San Guiliano family for over 800 years. The estate includes the chapel, below, a South American inspired garden from a stay in Brazil, and groves of citrus and olives. I liked this section of blue, great shape and texture. Head gardener Rachel Lamb was kind to…

  • Taormina, Sicily + Mt. Etna

    Taormina, Sicily + Mt. Etna

    How thrilling to be standing in a Greek Theater from the third century B.C., overlooking Mt. Etna and the Ionian Sea and Taromina. Aside from the spectacular views, the Teatro Greco is still used for events to this day, crews were setting up stages around ruins while I was there. Taormina is a pretty historic…

  • two VILLAS in RAVELLO, Amalfi Coast

    two VILLAS in RAVELLO, Amalfi Coast

    Villa Cimbrone in RAVELLO, high on the Amalfi Coast, offers spectacular panoramic views, from the part of the estate appropriately called The Terrace of Infinity… The estate dates to the eleventh century, but after years of abandonment, English traveller Ernest William Beckett, Lord Grimthorpe, purchased and began restoration in 1904. Vita Sackville West was a…

  • Ninfa Gardens, Sermoneta Italy

    Ninfa Gardens, Sermoneta Italy

    With over 160 varieties of roses and 1300 ornamental trees, the beautiful Ninfa Gardens have been called both the most romantic and the best in the world. Located two hours southeast of Rome, Ninfa also has a tragic past. Papal civil wars in the 14th century lead to Emperor Barborossa ordering the small town and…

  • Villa d’ESTE Tivoli, garden tour

    Villa d’ESTE Tivoli, garden tour

    Villa d’Este was Built in the 1550’s by Ipolito d’Este, grandson to Cardinal Borgia. It is famous for its water features, as Ipolito hired French engineers for the hydrolics as well as arranged withe the local people to use the river in exchange for clean water. Over twenty fountains and several grottos make up this…

  • Professional decorator = creative + practical

    Professional decorator = creative + practical

    I write this particular post as I feel that there is a general lack of awareness of the interior design profession and even misinformation created by makeover shows and the unrealistic expectations that come from them.

  • Hycroft Vancouver Heritage Edwardian

    Hycroft Vancouver Heritage Edwardian

    Vancouver Heritage Foundation offers evening lectures at the beautiful Hycoft Manor in Shaughnessy. I attended one this evening featuring master gardener and local author Christine Allen. Here are some of my photos I thought you may enjoy. This artwork was a commission by University Women’s member Lois Millington for the 100 year anniversary of Hycroft,…

  • DECO design – the HOOVER dam

    DECO design – the HOOVER dam

    The Hoover Dam  was the greatest dam of its day, and the only one of its kind.  It is still a world-renowned structure and is a National Historic Landmark.  Construction of the Hoover Dam began in 1931 until the last of the concrete was poured in 1935.  On January 1st 2000, I had the good…

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