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  • DECO design – the HOOVER dam

    DECO design – the HOOVER dam

    The Hoover Dam  was the greatest dam of its day, and the only one of its kind.  It is still a world-renowned structure and is a National Historic Landmark.  Construction of the Hoover Dam began in 1931 until the last of the concrete was poured in 1935.  On January 1st 2000, I had the good…

  • peaceful COURANCES france

    peaceful COURANCES france

    PEACE & BEAUTY – my wish for you. I am grateful for a two week trip of a lifetime to France in May – and one of the destinations en route from Paris to the Loire Valley was Courances, a garden of Peace and Beauty, so I am sharing it with you today as my…

  • make an ENTRANCE in your home

    make an ENTRANCE in your home

    nine inspirational entrance halls

  • STING rocked the QUEEN E

    STING rocked the QUEEN E

    I was very excited last night to see Sting when he was in Vancouver. I was lucky enough to see the Police reunion tour in 2007.  I was in Grade 8 when Every Breath you take was the top song… amazing how music can transport you back in time. (and I just dated myself!) Sting…

  • is it TREE DAY for you? my visit to a favorite nursery.

    is it TREE DAY for you? my visit to a favorite nursery.

    this wreath was my favorite

  • SIGHTLINES – what can you see?

    SIGHTLINES – what can you see?

      It is important to consider the line-of-sight from one room to the next. How does a doorway frame a room, as above?  What do you see?  How can you enhance it?  This darker room in the foreground frames and emphasizes the next room and relates to it in colour and context. The view from one…

  • remembrance 11.11.11

    remembrance 11.11.11

    Cenotaph, Ottawa Ontario all photos Sue Womersley

  • BEST urban landscaping UNIVERSITY VILLAGE –

    BEST urban landscaping UNIVERSITY VILLAGE –

    TEN reasons this urban landscaping in Seattle is the best

  • OYSTER BOX 5 star eye candy

    OYSTER BOX 5 star eye candy

    My girlfriend and her husband stayed at this fabulous hotel 15 minutes from Durban, South Africa and I had to share with you – a little beauty for your day:) An award-winning hotel, the historic Oyster Box was completely updated in 2006 and impeccably restored to keep many of its original features. A great spot to lounge and enjoy…

  • happy CANADA day!

    A mermaid and a beaver for an afternoon til the tide rolled in.



    A beautifully set table

  • WREATHS – not just for your front door

    Hello!  I have not visited everyone for a while — I appreciate you stopping by while I have been away!  Sold a house a few months ago, was a happy wanderer for a while, just got the keys to a cute new home last week and have gone into full reno mode… promise I will share some photos of…

  • Design Muse Tricia Guild

    British Designer Tricia Guild, Owner of Fabric and Wallpaper Company Designer’s Guild with her brother, ~ is the master of vibrant colour, amazing, vivid colour combination and bold pattern. Established in 1970, their philosophy is to combine creativity and innovation with quality of design, product and service. Known world wide for sophisticated, elegant, rich jacquards,…

  • Design Muse Kelly Hoppen

    British Designer Kelly Hoppen is all about texture, east meets west, neutrals and loves buddhas, crystals and black wood. Famous for her ability to mix vintage with rustic with modern — truly a master of eclectic. Kelly Hoppen’s Golden Rules of Design are in her book “Kelly Hoppen Style”.  Other books are “Kelly Hoppen Home”,…

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