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  • winged VICTORY of samorace

    winged VICTORY of samorace

    Marble sculpture of the Greek Goddess Nike from the second century BC. My pick to see in the Louvre. There were three of us and we only had a couple of hours, so I suggested we all select one thing each and in our search for each item we wandered through different areas. I love…

  • loving all of the grande french CHANDELIERS

    loving all of the grande french CHANDELIERS

    I saw  s o o o  many gorgeous chandeliers touring the Chateau on my trip to France, I am sharing a few with you today. Versailles Hall of Mirrors or Grande Gallerie – 18 in total replicas of the originals from the 1700s. Versailles. When you have a house of mirrors with ceilings this high,…

  • peaceful COURANCES france

    peaceful COURANCES france

    PEACE & BEAUTY – my wish for you. I am grateful for a two week trip of a lifetime to France in May – and one of the destinations en route from Paris to the Loire Valley was Courances, a garden of Peace and Beauty, so I am sharing it with you today as my…

  • DECORATING by marie antoinette

    DECORATING by marie antoinette

    over 200 years after Marie Antoinette’s death, she has become a part of popular culture, as shown on the cover of Vogue magazine. Fashion and home decor inspired by Marie Antoinette 2 centuries later!

  • perfect PATIO chair from FRANCE

    The sun peaked out for a few hours today and we sat on this patio for a Sunday afternoon coffee.  The metal patio chairs caught my eye as I recognized them from the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. This is the Medici fountain hidden away in the Luembourg Gardens, and here is a pair of the…

  • FRANCE finest formal garden VILLANDRY

    FRANCE finest formal garden VILLANDRY

    Chateau de Villandry is described as the last great Renaissance chateau built in the Loire Valley and is a perfect example of 16th century architecture.