Entertaining – FESTIVE dining rooms

I love these gorgeous dining rooms and had to share them with you in the midst of the holidays. How elegant is each room!???!  Whether traditional or modern, oh SO inviting! The holiday decor […]

Shades of French Gray

Shades of gray are timeless… classic.  In this magnificent Palais built by Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild from 1905 to 1912, several rooms are painted in varying shades of gray, and […]

COUNTRY holiday decor

Officially 2 months til Christmas, and here is a little visual inspiration for a festive season.  I am offering a unique seasonal decorating service by combining my talents with those […]

Azur Eden ~ Rothschild Jardin

Remarkable villa and gardens located between Nice and Monaco ~ overlooking the bays of Villefranche and Beaulieu- sur-Mer.  Built by Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild during the Belle Epoque, both the […]

Bienvenuto & Bienvenue

Welcoming. Inviting. Charming and cheerful. These front entrances are a great greeting and you wish you could see the interior! all photos Sue Womersley

Tuscan Thanks & French Appreciation

Abundance.  In appreciation of the abundance of natural beauty and a wealth of enjoyment, here is a collection of my favorite travel pictures in honour of Thanksgiving in Canada.  It […]

Amsterdam for 2 hours

Arriving an hour and fifteen minutes early to Schipol (Wow, that never happens, thank you KLM!) gave us more than 7 hours at the airport, plenty of time to get […]

Tuscany Dreams…

Bon journo!  I cannot contain my excitement as I anticipate my long awaited trip to Italy.  The itinerary… Two nights in Firenze Two nights in Lucca One week in Loro  […]

Design Muse Tricia Guild

British Designer Tricia Guild, Owner of Fabric and Wallpaper Company Designer’s Guild with her brother, ~ is the master of vibrant colour, amazing, vivid colour combination and bold pattern. Established […]