add a shot of RED

Vibrant and Bold — a little RED can go a long way when you want to inject a little VaVoom into your space. Happy Canada Day to all!!! Glossy and […]

SILVER & GOLD ~ mixing metals

The mix of sheens and textures is phenomenal --- layers and layers of silvers, grays, oysters, ivories and gold. A balance of reflective, matte and texture has been achieved. A great example of mixing texture, colour, shape and era to create a warm, harmonious and interesting space.


Pair TURQUOISE with colours of equal intensity and clarity. Use TURQUOISE in a monochromatic room.


palm springs OASIS

The wonderful mix of lucite, glass, white and texture, old with new continues in the dining room.

inspiration ~ MAD MEN

Mad Men is a wicked combination of sharp writing and a talented cast with fantastic costumes and set design.

Olympic Speed Skating Oval - photo Sue Womersley

Architecture of Olympic Speed Skating Oval BC

The Olympics have officially arrived here in beautiful British Columbia.  The flame has traveled through the surrounding Greater Vancouver area and is arriving at the Opening Ceremonies today.  I had […]