photo sue womersley

FESTIVAL of lights – vandusen gardens

A continuation of our stay – cation in Vancouver  (from yesterday) was a long overdue visit the Festival of Lights at VanDusen Gardens.  Today, I am sharing some pretty photos […]

photo sue womersley

HOLIDAY good times

Feeling the need to do something festive, I booked a night at the Granville Island Hotel, made a reservation at the Shaunessy restaurant and headed into Vancouver from the burbs.  […]

photo sue womersley Courances

peaceful COURANCES france

PEACE & BEAUTY – my wish for you. I am grateful for a two week trip of a lifetime to France in May – and one of the destinations en […]

photo sue womersley

STING rocked the QUEEN E

I was very excited last night to see Sting when he was in Vancouver. I was lucky enough to see the Police reunion tour in 2007.  I was in Grade […]

photo Sue Womersley

joy in a WINTER garden

JOY /joi/ – a feeling of great pleasure and happiness delight * gladness * rejoicing I had a lovely day out on Saturday, enjoying life’s little pleasures.  I am lucky […]

Traditional Home Photo

SIGHTLINES – what can you see?

  It is important to consider the line-of-sight from one room to the next. How does a doorway frame a room, as above?  What do you see?  How can you enhance […]

Alda Pereira

large scale LIGHTING

Pairs or triples.  Over islands.  Over dining tables.  Over a sitting area.  The lighting is large and making a statement. One large paper lantern low over a coffee table is […]


The Haunted Mansion was opened in New Orleans Square, Disneyland in 1971 and is one of the most popular attractions in the park.  There is also a version in Tokyo Disney […]