about Sue

With two decades working in interior design and design related fields such as visual presentation + display, owning the home accessories boutique Haven and set decorating in the film industry, I have visions of decor dancing in my head (that did not fit on my resume).

My intention here is to share my experience through writing.

I hope to comment thoughtfully, contemplate and reflect on all things design.

My name is Sue Womersley and I am an interior decorator and my design studio is located in White Rock, British Columbia.


Sue enjoys creating a space for clients to love and the joy that it brings them. Sue has always been passionate about decorating,
has over 200 design books and has a Certificate with honours in Residential Interior Decorating and Design.

Sue also regularly attends design related seminars including heritage conservation, architecture, classical feng shui, photography and product/supplier knowledge. Sue’s love of travel is as much an influence on her design filter as being a born and raised West Coast girl.

Sue served one term as a director on the local Canadian Decorators Association chapter’s board and was a member of the 2009 PNE Home decorating team, as featured in BC Home magazine.

Sue has also renovated four of her own homes and is ready to do another 🙂

defining musing…

MUSE [myooz] verb, mused, mus-ing

  1. to think or meditate in silence, as in on some subject
  2. to gaze wonderingly
  3. to comment thoughtfully or ruminate on

In classical mythology a muse is any goddess presiding over a particular art.

MUS-ING [myoo-zing]

  1. absorbed in thought
  2. contemplation; reflection
  3. a calm, lengthy, intent consideration

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