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mid century MODERN homes YVR

West Coast Modern – Is both how the building situates on the landscape and how the interiors relate to nature – connecting to the environment…  Here are two prime examples of both how the building is nestled on on the property to fit into the landscape and maximize the spectacular views and while inside connecting to nature on the outside, with large windows, often natural, simple materials and often with as little disruption to the environment as possible.


1959 Post and Beam by Bob Lewis – in Horseshoe Bay – the view of Howe Sound is spectacular , this large patio located outside of the kitchen family room.


Dining room view is equally stunning from the large windows – the new owners updated 3 years ago – I love the added Bocci Ball lighting by local Vancouver Architect Omer Arbel.  I am particularly partial to post and beam homes, having lived in two different ones growing up.


Bedroom with a view.


Hemmingway Residence 1977 – I have honestly never been in a home like this – it is like a tree house and had at least 4 flights of stairs before you entered the 1 bedroom home, that is vertically situated on 3 levels next to a granite face.


Described by the architect/designer and owner as “like a chapel, cathedral and a temple, a space considered sacred in which ones passion for life grows and finds nourishment.”


Major sympathetic renovation in 2014 keeping much of the original architecture, but updating bathrooms and windows and exterior finishes.


I wanted to share the simplicity of the structure with the beams and bolts, and the full skylight.  This is an atrium that is open to the floor below and the bedroom on the other side of the library wall.  The light fixture is a replica of the original, designed specifically for the house.


Behind the second level of the house is a rear garden on the top of the granite rock face the home runs beside.


The beautifully hand drawn plans give you a better idea of the unique design.


This is the reward for climbing the many flights of stairs… Horseshoe Bay and Howe Sound.

My name is Sue Womersley, I am a designer of interiors and kitchens in White Rock, BC, sharing my love of design, architecture, decorating, heritage, photography and travel with you.


Arthur Erickson’s MonteVerdi Estates

the Rennie MacIntosh House

1913 Private VANCOUVER club

Home in a Converted 1600s Barn

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