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cozy contentment – Autumn arrives bringing more HYGGE

Shorter days. Cooler nights.

deciding it is almost cool enough to pack away the summer cotton matelasse quilt and put the duvet on the bed for winter.

Grabbing a sweater in the morning to keep warm from the chill in the air.

Putting on the fire and lighting candles.  Making a cuppa tea and enjoying a bowl of soup. Comfort food.

All of these simple enjoyments in life are encompassed in the Danish concept of HYGGE (pronounce hoo-ga) which does not have a direct translation to one word but rather a broader feeling of contentment and well being.  It is an important part of Danish culture and national identity.

I first read of hygge in 2016 in the UK design mags I enjoy as it found popularity in Britain, and now hygge has crossed the pond to N.America…

Think all things cozy – curling up in comfy clothes in a window seat or big chair with a fuzzy blanket. 

Not that hygge is limited to winter – certainly it is about creating atmosphere year ’round – enjoyment of life’s little pleasures grabbed as often as possible.  Appreciating time with friends – savouring good food – and good times. Campfires on the beach. Roasting marshmallows.

A Resource you may enjoy – the Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking of the Happiness Institute Copenhagen (2016).

Hello I am Sue Womersley – designer and owner of Decorata Design Consulting, sharing my musings on decor, travel, heritage, architecture + design.


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