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sweeping VIEWS + local art

Views of English Bay, Vancouver’s North Shore and Spanish Banks, this terraced garden sprinkled with exquisite BC Native sculptures + art.  A highlight of the Heritage Vancouver annual fundraiser garden tour where 13 gracious hosts opened their gardens for a worthy cause.

Infinity pool view of vancouver

Azure infinity pool seems endless as it connects to Vancouver’s English Bay.

dream patio in vancouver

Al fresco dining next to one of many sculptures throughout the property.

bc native carving

Stunning Native Beaver carving mounted on the terrace wall.

spanish banks

A steep set of stairs is rewarded with this view of Spanish Banks.  Bird house with a view… an entire neighbourhood of lucky birds live in the variety of houses provided for them.

patio lounge

Lower terrace with seating area and modern pergola.

bronze raven sculpture

Across from the seating area, another BC Native sculpture.

rear patio infinity pool

Upper terrace of garden.

sculpture framed by the view

Carved yellow cedar family sculpture.IMG_0079Individual one of a kind carved fence panels featuring marine life along the perimeter of the terrace.

Yellow Cedar Native carving

BC Native yellow cedar Moon carving with Raven + Eagle.

My name is Sue Womersley, an Interior Decorator in White Rock, BC.


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