design concept

We sourced and selected materials for a new client’s kitchen, dining area, living room. We also drew our concept for the kitchen, cabinetry and built-ins.

desgin concept cloverdale

fireplace stone, cabinetry colours, quartz counter colours, backsplash and paint palette

I often feel that people are not aware of how much time and effort is immersed in the design process, there are many considerations and each situation is unique.  There are so many micro decisions that are made that contribute to the overall feel of a room and how cohesive, balanced and harmonious the finished space will be.  Ultimately the success of the renovation is seen at the end, but this is where it all begins and the client has to take a leap of faith because they cannot visualize the end results, but we can 🙂

When there are LITERALLY 1000’s of options in products… why did I select these ones?  How did I boil it down to this colour way for this particular client… ?

While it still takes me many hours to get the presentation together, imagine how many hours I would save a client plus the benefit of making informed choices and decisions….

My name is Sue Womersley and I specialize in design/build full renovations in the White Rock and South Surrey area.  I offer a turnkey and streamlined process to my clients that I look after and take care of everything with my team so they don’t have to.






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