Sicilian Aristocratic Villa Garden

This beautiful Villa and garden have been in the San Guiliano family for over 800 years.


The estate includes the chapel, below, a South American inspired garden from a stay in Brazil, and groves of citrus and olives.


I liked this section of blue, great shape and texture.


Head gardener Rachel Lamb was kind to give us a full tour of the property. She has worked closely with Marchese San Guiliano since 2002.


Poolside has a great view of Mt. Etna.





This walled garden s behind the pool and contains a pink grapefruit grove that the estate uses to make marmalade s that sell internationally.

Several pretty planters dot the back garden such as this one with the San Guiliano coat of arms. Look for the lizard, there were lots of them and frogs about.

This massive ficus was planted in 1959 in honour of the family’s return to the estate. One of several resident dogs.


Detail of chapel chairs with family coat of arms.
All photos sue.womersley.



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2 responses to “Sicilian Aristocratic Villa Garden”

  1. The Sicilian Housewife Avatar

    Gorgeous photos. Where exactly is the villa? I am wondering if it is day-trippable from where I live, near Palermo…

    1. designmuse Avatar

      Hello Sicilian Housewife,
      I apologize for the long delay in my reply… I have been neglecting the blog since I returned home!
      The Villa is 15 minutes inland halfway between Catania and Siracusa. It is private, I was on a garden tour that had pre-arranged a private tour with head gardener Rachel Lamb (a fellow ex-pat Brit – maybe a connection?? for you if you were hoping… there are articles written about her). If you were hoping to find photos of the interior of the Villa, they rent it out ($$$$$) and which means there are also some photos online. Hope that helps 🙂 after the long wait.
      I enjoyed reading your blog! Sue

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