Taormina, Sicily + Mt. Etna

How thrilling to be standing in a Greek Theater from the third century B.C., overlooking Mt. Etna and the Ionian Sea and Taromina.

Aside from the spectacular views, the Teatro Greco is still used for events to this day, crews were setting up stages around ruins while I was there.

Taormina is a pretty historic medieval town with roots that include Greek, Roman, Arab and was the Sicilian parliament for a time in 1410.

There is a public garden next to my hotel, created as a private garden in the late 1800’s by Englishwoman Miss Florence Trevelyan, who later donated it to the town.


Beautiful vistas, scented plants, tropicals and rare species make up this garden as well as some unusual follies made with basalt (black volcanic rock).



With only two days, my time here has passed too quickly. We had a walking tour thought the narrow streets, past many Palazzo and Churches. There are many shops, high end, artisan and tourist wares for all of the cruise ships that port here six months a year.

I found many decorated balconies that caught my eye.

The view towards the Greek Theater from where I ate lunch.

Sunset View to Mt. Etna’s base from my private patio at the hotel…

All photos sue womersley.






3 responses to “Taormina, Sicily + Mt. Etna”

  1. Anna Avatar

    Gorgeous photos! I have always wanted to go to Sicily. Hopefully one day!

    1. designmuse Avatar

      I have really enjoyed the 1/4 of Sicily I have touched on, especially Taormina and Cefalu. We stopped in historic Syracuse old town today, built by Greeks and older than Rome.

  2. little blog of happy Avatar

    Your pictures are incredible, as always!

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