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Ninfa Gardens, Sermoneta Italy

With over 160 varieties of roses and 1300 ornamental trees, the beautiful Ninfa Gardens have been called both the most romantic and the best in the world. Located two hours southeast of Rome, Ninfa also has a tragic past.

Papal civil wars in the 14th century lead to Emperor Barborossa ordering the small town and its people destroyed.
A medieval town left in ruins for five centuries, and slowly planned, planted and restored by Gelasio Caetani, his English mother and family from the 1920’s to the 1970’s, and is now maintained by a foundation set up by the historic family of the region.

Within the ruins are the remains of five churches, the oldest dating to the 10th century.

At the base of the mountains, the engineering of the water collection and distribution is amazing.






The gardens are very limited in open times and you must be accompanied by a guide in effort to protect this delicate ecosystem. The garden was declared a natural monument in 2000.

My favorite spot.
All photos Sue Womersley

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