photo sue womersley

FESTIVAL of lights – vandusen gardens

A continuation of our stay – cation in Vancouver  (from yesterday) was a long overdue visit the Festival of Lights at VanDusen Gardens.  Today, I am sharing some pretty photos with you – which does not do justice to the experience of being there… a cold, crisp (and luckily dry) evening with music, hot chocolate and families having fun.  We arrived at dusk and this is the entrance of the brand new visitor center.  More photos of the visitor center at the end of this post.

photo sue womersley

photo sue womersley

photo sue womersley

photo sue womersley

These “flowers” are actually recycled water bottles – as mentioned in the post Joy In A Winter Garden.

photo sue womersley

These “flowers” are clusters of the original “old style” bulbs which give the nice filament glow and the petals are from shaped from stucco mesh.

We had a lovely dinner at the on site restaurant Shaunessy, which has a view over the gardens and gets a fantastic glow inside from all of those lights.  (Must make reservations this time of year)

The beautiful, newly completed Visitor’s Center…  I took these photos a couple of weeks ago on a much quieter day.

That is the new location of the gift shop on the left, which has a great selection and somewhere I have made many purchases.

This was my 100th post, which is hard to believe.  When I started,  I never ever thought this far ahead!  Thanks for reading:) I appreciate your time with me.

All photos sue womersley.



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3 responses to “FESTIVAL of lights – vandusen gardens”

  1. HOLIDAY good times « design musing Avatar

    […] PART 2 tomorrow… this post became very long! […]

  2. Lynne Woods Avatar
    Lynne Woods

    Wow! Beautiful photos. I’ve enjoyed following you along on your blogging journey. Your blog is always an inspiration to me. I’ll be following along through the next 100! Happy New Year, Design Musing.

    1. designmuse Avatar

      Thank for all of your lovely comments my number one reader and supporter!!! You will reach 200 before I do!!! cheers Garden Mad dahling – Merry New Year to you also!!!!

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