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make an ENTRANCE in your home

While writing about EXOTIC INSPIRED rooms, I mentioned entrance halls as an opportunity to have some fun with bolder choices.  Often neglected, even the smallest space can accomodate a small table or even a shelf.   Here are 9 of my favorites to inspire you in your entrance way…

photo Traditonal Home

A grand entrance – 5 star items in this mix – gorgeous gilt mirror, inlaid antique table, artwork and branches… enough breathing space around each item that they are not all competing for your attention

photo House Beautiful

The elegance of an antique chair paired with the rustic tree table that actually compliment each other in similar colour family – and a zebra rug for a little shot of wild.

photo House Beautiful

This pink is bold – and for an entrance why not?  You may not want to look at this much vibrancy in your family room – but so fun and energic for a welcoming entrance.  The white wainscotting keeps the pink from being overwhelming – and again a beautiful chair, console and accessories.  Note the repetition of the black on the stairs in the chair fabric and on the wall sconces.

photo House Beautiful

Another pretty chair in a fun fabric, an intricate dresser is perfect for extra storage and WOW love that gorgeous mirror.

photo House Beautiful

Not all of us are blessed with this much space to work with – but an additional chair and a very large table are needed here to fill this volume of space.  Large scale accessories are also needed.  This is an interesting mix – the antiques, with the chrome table (Ikea had one similar) and how about the large foot under the table – a conversation starter!

photo style at home

This is a perfect arrangement for a narrow space – a slim console, a lucite bench and the pair of lamps are great – some height and light – also adds symmetry.  Fun leopard rug.

photo Traditional Home

This home is blessed with a lovely niche and has been taken full advantage of by the arrangement of furniture and accessories to fill it perfectly…. simple but a nice spot to have by the front door.

photo Traditional Home

So you only have room for 1 chair – does this inspire you to add some drama?  The dark navy/indigo wall contrasting the the white chair and sculptural chandelier really shows off the shape and accentuates it.

photo Traditional Home

Space not wide enough for a chair?  One antique shelf and stool plus some artwork – bet you can fit that in the smallest entrance.  I hope you are inspired!

Photos 1,7,8,9 Traditional Home, 2,3,4,5 House Beautiful, 6 Style at Home

My name is Sue Womersley and I love decorating.  I am and Interior Decorator in Vancouver BC.



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