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joy in a WINTER garden

JOY /joi/ – a feeling of great pleasure and happiness

delight * gladness * rejoicing

I had a lovely day out on Saturday, enjoying life’s little pleasures.  I am lucky enough to have a very good friend who is a kindred spirit.  We go on many great (and small) adventures.  On this occassion, we were having our annual pre Christmas outting.  Previous years we have attended Circle Craft Artist Christmas Market, Christmas at Highcroft and Homes for the Holidays Vancouver fundraiser.  This year we opted for a visit to Vandusen Gardens and its new Visitor Center as well as our day in Kerrisdale (yesterday’s post).

photo Sue Womersley

My friend spotted this great use of waterbottles around the lights that are being set up for the annual Festival of Lights to music.  A good way to recycle:)

photo Sue Womersley

The beauty of the red berries… keep the birds from being hungry.

photo Sue Womersley

Love the sculptural tree… Dr. Seuss – ish.


photo Sue Womersley

Little dried pom poms, maybe some type of daisy head or mum…

A very large thorny rosebush.  Have to appreciate the texture. (from a distance)

photo Sue Womersley

Close up of lichen on a branch.

photo Sue Womersley

This dried thistle is a beautiful shape and colour.

photo Sue Womersley

The peeling bark of a Himalayan Birch – I have a much smaller one in my garden.

photo Sue Womersley

Agapanthus.  My friend taught me that one.

photo Sue Womersley

I don’t remember the name of this one, but it is a carnivore.

photo Sue Womersley

Frozen kiwis.  It was only 5 degrees so we headed in for a yummy brunch after…

Much of my appreciation of the beauty of the garden in the winter is from my friend who is very good at adding year round interest and texture in her garden.  My wish for all of you is to find joy in your winter and to be blessed with some kindred spirits in your lives.

you can read my friend’s blog at GARDEN MAD.


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