photo Sue Womersley

is it TREE DAY for you? my visit to a favorite nursery.

I was at at a longtime Vancouver favorite nursery Southlands today, and they have their Christmas trees displayed so beautifully I had to share…

photo Sue Womersley

I love the vintage style lights, sign and trellis.  Everything is always so well displayed here.

photo Sue Womersley

It was a perfect day for the people picking up there trees.  I miss having a real tree as I have had an artificial one for a few years now 😦 Tho’ I love to use real greens everywhere else 🙂

photo Sue Womersley

The greenhouses are wrapped in evergreens and the wreaths are gorgeous.  Need birch logs to decorate your fireplace?  Notice them on the bottom left.

photo Sue Womersley

This wreath was my favorite…

photo Sue Womersley

My friend loves the branches with lots of moss on them.

Large urns, branches and more garland greens.

photo Sue Womersley

Still lots of options for your pots and gardens for the West Coast winter.

photo Sue Womersley

Pretty pots of paperwhites …

photo Sue Womersley


The decorative glass sculptures were colourful and add interest to all of the greens… and would make a great gift for the gardenlover in your life.


photo Sue Womersley

Bring home any of these to make your home welcoming and festive.

photo Sue Womersley

I love the rosehips combined with little evergreens, grasses and heuchera.

photo Sue Womersley

Happy decorating!

My name is Sue Womersley and I love decorating.  I am an interior decorator in Vancouver, BC.  All photos Sue Womersley.



2 responses to “is it TREE DAY for you? my visit to a favorite nursery.”

  1. lynne @ gardenmad Avatar

    What a lovely day! Thank you….

  2. Deidra Alexander Avatar

    I need to get a tree, wish I was closer.

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