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BEST urban landscaping UNIVERSITY VILLAGE –

TEN reasons this urban landscaping  in Seattle is the best…

  • several water features
  • several children play areas
  • trees throughout the property – sidewalks, sitting areas, parking areas
  • greeen space – patches of grass – nice grass no bald spots
  • window boxes everywhere
  • planters everywhere
  • hanging baskets everywhere
  • many benches, tables, chairs and sitting height cement walls for sitting
  • pedestrian friendly
  • umbrellas to borrow while enjoying the journey from shop to shop.

Bench with a view.

gorgeous planter boxes and hanging baskets at every opportunity

Plenty of seating

Beautiful planters – at every shop entrance, all different, all inspired.

Trees everywhere

Grass, water feature and landscaping

Lots of shade for those 30degree days – and sitting height walls – so smart, so simple.

One of many fantastic planters at a store front.

Oh – and the shopping is great too!  C&B, B&N, PB, RH and many more.  Sonrisa Mexican is a favorite lunch spot…

Directions – Drive the I5 south, head east on the NE 45th exit, pass the University of Washington and you have arrived.

All photos Sue Womersley


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