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I enjoyed my recent stay at the Bellvue Westin and thought I would share photos of the lobby with you.  When dealing with such a large volume of space, changing flooring is an excellent way to break it up and define areas. Using super tall planters, with tall orchids, and extra height from the branches,  elegantly fill up the space.  Anything less would have been dwarfed by such vast ceiling height.  Nice repetition.

The oversized artwork fills the scale of the wall perfectly, and the trio of planters complement the artwork without detracting from it and adds texture, interest and some lushness with greenery.  Without the planters, the beautiful artwork would have looked lonely.

More height – beautiful in its simplicity.  It is hard to see – but a great idea is the actual bouquets are in a separate smaller vase for ease to maintain the floral arrangements.  The stones in the vase stay nice and clean and shiny.

The comfortable banquette runs the whole length of the wall and is broken into individual conversation areas.  More large scale artwork made of mosiac tiles.  (another great idea).

The Westin is in a perfect location, right across from The Mall and only a few blocks from the charming historic Fairfield Avenue district.

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