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FRANCE finest formal garden VILLANDRY

photo Sue Womersley

Villandry Gardeners hard at work meticulously  maintaining 32 miles of boxwood hedges in the ten acre garden.  Weeded by hand, the spring bulbs were just removed to make way for summer plantings

photo Sue Womersley

Chateau de Villandry is described as the last great Renaissance chateau built in the Loire Valley and a perfect example of 16th century architecture.  The gardens were restored to their original splendor early in the last century and this work is continued by the same Carvallo family since 1906.

photo Sue Womersley


This is the view from the belevedere.  The ornamental garden in the foreground is divided into four squares that make up the Love Garden – “Tender Love”, “Passionate Love”, “Fickle Love” and “Tragic Love”.  The potager (kitchen jardin) in the distance, vegetables such as leeks, cabbages and beetroots planted neatly in squares.

photo Sue Womersley

View across the potager to the Chateau.  There are two plantings in the kitchen garden per year, Spring and Summer.  The layout changes with each planting and the garden returned to organic cultivation in 2009.

photo Sue Womersley

Sun Garden. The Sun Room is  filled with orange and yellow perennials that  radiate from this central star shaped water feature. The Cloud Room is planted with blue and white shrubs and perennials. The Children’s Room is shaded by apple trees.

photo Sue Womersley

Classically inspired Water Garden.  Four fountains surround a large Louis XV style reflecting pool.

from Villandry websiteI loved this drawing of the garden and had to bring one home with me.


The Loire Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its rich history and architecture.  Landscape, wineries, historic cities, a Chateau trail and regional cuisine are all attractions of the Loire.

All photos Sue Womersley.

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