WEST COAST classic – Tofino

Long Beach Lodge is another beautiful example of West Coast Style – located just outside of Tofino in Cox Bay.

Great Room

Rustic stone fireplace, wood mantle, and a natural palette are all classic elements of West Coast Style.   Both the wood coffee table and sofa table are exquisite in their simplicity.

Moon Mask

A Native carved cedar moon mask with cooper detail is a feature.

Raven Mask

Native carving, such as this large carved raven mask,  is a spectacular focal point in the middle of the great room.

Brent Comber Table

Bar tables of meticulously cut branches are almost graphic from the circular pattern created. Notice the traditional wool carpet.


The Pacific Rim National Park has a Whale Celebration every March in celebration of the annual whale migration.  Artwork featuring orca is a common subject, as is above the fireplace.  Another traditional rug.

This is the Great Room at Long Beach Lodge.  View included!

http://www.longbeachlodgeresort.com/   One of my favorite spots for an apres surf snack from 3:00 – 5:00, the view of Cox Bay is spectacular!

All photos Sue Womersley, except the last one from the Long Beach Website

My name is Sue Womersley and I am an Interior Decorator who loves living near the beach in White Rock, BC.  I would love to help you love your home!



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