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VICENTE in vancouver

Highly regarded International Designer Vicente Wolf was speaking to designers at the recent Buildex Conference in Vancouver and I jumped at the chance to see him speak.  Author, photographer, product designer, retailer and award winning interior designer, his 30 year career needs no introduction.  

Known for his ethereal rooms and being a master of the mix in his spaces, Vicente aims for his rooms to read as unique and timeless and focuses on balance and scale.  He is always inspired by his love of exotic travels and the world alters his perspective on design.

To achieve his beautifully finished rooms, Vicente spoke of having a clear vision and and a consistant vision and a cohesive point of view.  Instinct is an amazing thing!  He also inspired the designers in the room to do the one style that they do best and do only that.

Ask yourself how do you want your room to FEEL?  Attach an emotion to it.  Creating environments, light changes and space keeps changing – Vicente believes in a thoughtful environment.

Rooms that have a mixture of elements last a much longer time, and to achieve this mix Vicente said that it generally works out in his designs to have custom furniture 60%, one of a kind pieces of furniture 20%, and design classic furniture 20%.

Vicente Wolf is also an accomplished photographer and his photographs of his rooms are regularly published in all of the top design magazines, and his most recent book “Lifting the Curtain on Design” is also all of his own photography.  His store of one of a kind pieces collected on his travels is VW Home in New York.  These Vicente Wolf photos are from Veranda.    blog

I admire Vicente’s use of natural light, and when I asked him to share his thoughts on how he achieves this he said he loves to bring the outdoors in and leaves windows very open with simple coverings as well as his use of colour.  

It was a thrill to hear Vicente Wolf speak, and he was open and funny, and very generous with his expertise and answered many questions.  Always take the opportunity to see the best of your industry speak!!!


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