SYMMETRY – a fine balance


There is something very pleasing to the eye with symmetry.

Symmetry is all pairs, all of the time – as is the case here – pairs of sofas, tables, consoles, lamps, candles and vases.  The one bold exception is the single ottoman, but as it is centered — still symmetrical.

Bedrooms are most frequently symmetrical.

While more formal in feel, and rooted in tradition, all styles can benefit from symmetry.

Each half of a room is the mirror image of the other.

This arrangement is technically not perfectly symmetrical, but instead “balanced” , with a floor lamp to one side, and a side table to the other, and the accessories on the sideboard also balance, to illustrate the difference.

Taking a perfectly symmetrical arrangement and throw one element off center, such as the crystal jar on the table, adds a tiny shot of unexpected to this room.

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