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add a shot of RED

Vibrant and Bold — a little RED can go a long way when you want to inject a little VaVoom into your space.

Happy Canada Day to all!!!

Glossy and Graphic red containers on the patio.

Layers  of Gray are perfectly paired with red accent cushions and console.

Modern, Industrial and Eclectic is a wonderful mix accented with the antique red chest and wool carpet.

A bold modern red chair and lamp in an otherwise neutral room.

Again, a  neutral room, this time more elegant with a gesture of a red in the cushion and artwork. (a bit of pink and green too, for some fun).

Red is repeated several times in this large space and matched with other colours of equal intensity.

A collection of art glass is unified by colour and displayed for maximum impact.

All photos Living Etc.

My name is Sue Womersley and I am an Interior Decorator with my design studio located in Steveston.  Get professional solutions to your design questions with my popular 2 hour action packed consultation.

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