Luxe London Apartment

Chic London Apartment
Chic London Apartment

WOW! LOVE the starburst mirror.  LOVE the chandelier.  LOVE the yellow accents on the charcoal and black.  I also love the subtle layers of detail in the background that you do not notice at first.  The antiqued mirror wall behind the starburst mirror.  The double rings in the ceiling around the chandelier.  The wallcolour blending almost seamlessly with the carpet colour.

Hit of Brilliant Yellow repeated
Hit of Brilliant Yellow repeated

HOW GREAT to reverse the scheme of the rest of the room and use the exact bold yellow on the chair and make the cushion the charcoal.  There is even a subtle repeat of geometrics – round lamps, round mirror, black square doors, square arms on the sofa, oval coffee table, oval curve of the chandelier arm and the great black scroll with oval curves on the wall above the chair.

Dining Room
Dining Room

HOW GREAT to use this same yellow as a feature wallpaper with the beautiful pattern in the dining room, while most of the rest of the space is neutral and has little pattern!

Master Bedroom

Again charcoal, but with a soft water gray-blue in wall colour and cushions.  Again, LOVE the mirror.  More great shapes — the curved legs on the table and stool, the semi-circle on the bench leg and the rectangular drawers on the beside tables.  The raindrop light fixtures hanging from an angled wall instead of table lamps is brilliant.


Another mirror on mirror, more gray in a natural texture with the glossy black granite counter and a modern faucet.


All photos Homes and Gardens.



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