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Design Muse Kelly Hoppen

British Designer Kelly Hoppen is all about texture, east meets west, neutrals and loves buddhas, crystals and black wood. Famous for her ability to mix vintage with rustic with modern — truly a master of eclectic.

Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen’s Golden Rules of Design are in her book “Kelly Hoppen Style”.  Other books are “Kelly Hoppen Home”, where she leads you through the renovation process of her last home, “Kelly Hoppen In Touch” and “Kelly Hoppen East Meets West”.

Architectural Digest Photo

Kelly Hoppen Design - Architectural Digest Photo

With a 20 year design career, Kelly Hoppen has her own “Perfect Neutrals” paint collection – 20 beautiful colours, manufactured by Craig and Rose and available at her flagship store in London.

KH Living Room -

KH Living Room

Kelly Hoppen’s website has a 4 part video series of the 2008 renovation of her most recent home that was completed in a short 5 months.  Worth watching the amazing transformation from start to finish if you love her finished home in the following photos…

KH Kitchen Island - photo

KH Kitchen Island

Kelly Hoppen also has a fabric collection with Holland and Sherry – again the Perfect Neutrals in cashmeres, linens, cottons and wools.

KH Kitchen - photo

KH Kitchen

Kelly Hoppen even designed a modern bathroom tap collection.

KH Master Bedroom - photo

KH Master Bedroom - modern & elegant

There is a Kelly Hoppen furniture collection with Century Furniture.

KH Garden Space - photo

KH Garden Space - Transformed

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