Portland ~ Home to America’s Largest Antiques & Collectibles Show

The Facts…

  • 1500 Booths
  • 700 Dealers from more than 15 States
  • 240,000 sq’ of space

It just simply does not get any better than this if you like antique or vintage anything.  This is the place to be and the list of items is endless ~ definitely something for everyone and no junk.  This is my third time attending this show with my friend in Oregon and the anticipation has been mounting for weeks.  Three large buildings plus outdoor space takes half a day to walk around without a lot of time for stopping.  Held every March, July and October, it is well worth the five + hours to get here.  While there are price points for every budget, I spend thousands in my mind on all of the gorgeous items that catch my eye.

If you read my previous post “Thrill of the Hunt” on displaying collectibles, you know what I will be seeking.  (Three pieces from my collection are from this show.)

2009 07 11 Oregon 240
Vintage glass and china

Beautifully displayed outdoor booth
Beautifully displayed outdoor booth
Vintage finds for outside
Vintage finds for outside
Barkcloth ~ check back for post on vintage fabric
Barkcloth ~ check back for post on vintage fabric
Incredible vintage fashions
Incredible vintage fashions
Vintage Toys ( I think the adults love these even more)
Vintage Toys ( I think the adults love these even more than the kids)

Photos Sue Womersley






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